Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Deployment failure was observed when repository files are present, but the ctlplane is a non routed network. The node cannot connect to repositories before the network is configured in this case. Some roles use the ansible built-in package which fail despite the fact that the packages are already installed in case it cannot connect to repositories.

    The roles tripleo-bootstrap and tuned will now inspect the installed packages to check wheater or not packages are already installed. When packages are installed, the package tasks are skipped. See bug: 1959731.

  • The tripleo_network_config role will now disable network config in cloud-init after succesfully applying network configuration. In some rare cases cloud-init would re-configure networking after a reboot. Breaking the configuration written by tripleo_network_config. See bug: 1958332.


New Features

  • Added a new role for tripleo_ovn_cluster to configure OVN DBs clustered for TripleO deployments.


Bug Fixes

  • Due to the use of a folding block operator instead of the literal block operator the check for existing namespaces does not work correct and namespaces get created on subsequent deploy runs even if they already exist. Now namespaces won’t get created if the are already there.


New Features

  • A new variable named tripleo_podman_default_network_config has been added to be able to configure the default network used by podman. By default the configuration will use as a network for podman managed containers. TripleO does not use podman’s networking, however removing this configuration (or making it invalid) breaks the podman network functions. The network is not applied if it’s already running which is indicated by the existance of a cni-podman0 interface.


Deprecation Notes

  • Paunch module was removed since Paunch has been retired in Victoria cycle.