Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added a new role for tripleo_unbound to configure the Unbound DNS resolver for TripleO deployments.

  • Added a new role for tripleo_ovn_cluster to configure OVN DBs clustered for TripleO deployments.

  • Added new role designate_bind_pool to generate a bind pool configuration using information from the existing deployment.


New Features

  • Added a new role tripleo_frr to configure FRR service instances. FRR daemons zebra, watchfrr, bgpd and bfdd can be enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Due to the use of a folding block operator instead of the literal block operator the check for existing namespaces does not work correct and namespaces get created on subsequent deploy runs even if they already exist. Now namespaces won’t get created if the are already there.