Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds support for Unbound to forward DNS resolution requests to other DNS resolvers (DNS resolver forwarding).

  • Added new log_offload_protocol parameter that sets the [amphora_agent]/log_protocol setting in Octavia’s configuration.

  • Add a new playbook to allow for the removal of old Keystone services. This playbook will remove any services that exist but have since been disabled. This cleanup task is tunable using tripleo_keystone_resources_cleanup which by default is set to True.

  • TripleO creates a new load-balancer flavor for vertical scaling using multiple vCPUs and more RAM now.

  • Standalone playbook cli-overcloud-node-kernelargs.yaml allows tuned and kernel arguments to be set, followed by a reboot. This allows that overcloud node provision command to run this playbook before the network configuration to support features such as DPDK.

  • Introduce a new variable tripleo_network_config_update. This will be a bool. When tripleo_network_config_update is True. Existing network configurations will be updated. By default, this is False and only new deployments will have the networks configured.

  • Standalone playbook cli-overcloud-openvswitch-dpdk.yaml allows ovs-dpdk role specific config parameters to be set. When overcloud node provision is done, this playbook has to be run before the network configuration and after setting kernelargs, to support features such as DPDK.

  • Added support for load balancer management network with IPv6 subnet for Octavia. Using a private IPv6 subnet may simplify edge deployments.

  • Adding tripleo_kernel_hugepages

    Hugepages management was always a manual step done by operators via the TripleO parameter KernelArgs. This is error prone and causing confusion.

    The new tripleo_kernel_hugepages setting allow operators to define hugepages as dictionnary, making it easier to read and follow.

    To prevent unvolontary changes, there’s multiple validations before applying a change:

    • We convert the current running configurations to an actual dictionnary that we validate the new format against

    • If no change is necessary, even though the format might not be the same, there’s no kernel_args update.

    • By default, we don’t remove hugepages in places except when operators specifically set the tripleo_kernel_hugepages_remove to true.

    This change also includes 4 new molecule scenarios that will help with consistency.

    This change is also opening the door to more automations and automatic tuning.

  • tripleo-podman now has the ability to enable podman.socket service when tripleo_podman_enable_socket is enabled.

Upgrade Notes

  • The baremetal_register_or_update_nodes module has been removed, because it is useless since Glance was removed from Undercloud.

Deprecation Notes

  • This change removes the tripleo_network_config_action. Since we can no longer rely on the Heat stack action when using Ephemeral Heat in tripleo

  • This change removes unused stack_action/stack_update_type hieras.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the generated ansible inventory would be incomplete if any uppercase characters was used in overcloud node hostnames. See bug: 1978356.

  • Fixed idempotency issue with overcloud node port management when node hostname contain uppercase characters. See bug: 1978360.

  • Fixed an issue which caused RoleNetIpMap to have missing overcloud node IP addresses when overcloud node hostname contain uppercase characters. See bug: 1978362.

  • Deployment failure was observed when repository files are present, but the ctlplane is a non routed network. The node cannot connect to repositories before the network is configured in this case. Some roles use the ansible built-in package which fail despite the fact that the packages are already installed in case it cannot connect to repositories.

    The roles tripleo-bootstrap and tuned will now inspect the installed packages to check wheater or not packages are already installed. When packages are installed, the package tasks are skipped. See bug: 1959731.

  • The tripleo_network_config role will now disable network config in cloud-init after succesfully applying network configuration. In some rare cases cloud-init would re-configure networking after a reboot. Breaking the configuration written by tripleo_network_config. See bug: 1958332.

  • It is now possible to set the Number of Rx Queues required for DPDK bond or DPDK ports in the baremetal deployment definition. See bug: 1989593.


New Features

  • Added a new role for tripleo_unbound to configure the Unbound DNS resolver for TripleO deployments.

  • Added a new role for tripleo_ovn_cluster to configure OVN DBs clustered for TripleO deployments.

  • Added new role designate_bind_pool to generate a bind pool configuration using information from the existing deployment.


New Features

  • Added a new role tripleo_frr to configure FRR service instances. FRR daemons zebra, watchfrr, bgpd and bfdd can be enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Due to the use of a folding block operator instead of the literal block operator the check for existing namespaces does not work correct and namespaces get created on subsequent deploy runs even if they already exist. Now namespaces won’t get created if the are already there.