Yoga Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. Last release of vitrage-dashboard to support py2.7 is OpenStack Train. The minimum version of Python now supported by vitrage-dashboard is Python 3.6.


Other Notes

  • vitrage-dashboard now uses non-compressed static files from the ‘vendor’ directory by default. All scripts will be compressed if COMPRESS_ENABLED option it set to True during python compress command execution. Also it removes minified static files what helps maintainerss to create RPM/DEP packages for vitrage-dashboard.


New Features

  • Added buttons for adding and removing templates in the template view.

  • Templates panel is now available in admin section.


New Features

  • Added an extensible header section to the top bar to display the current count of alarms present in the system.

  • Heat stack filter added

  • Heat stack, depth of graph added

Bug Fixes

  • Style fixes

  • Logic for rerendering the graph change, now it also check names


New Features

  • A new Search Entities was added, to find relevant entities in a graph. Search will highlight relevant entities in a styled circle. It will search objects by their names (As the user can see on screen)

  • A new Vitrage Admin Menu was added, to handle authorize management of tanents from the administrator perspective. When a regular user will login, he will see just his own tanent.


New Features

  • Added highlight functionality. When a user selects a vertex in the Vitrage Entity Graph, the vertex is highlighted together with its neighbors. It helps the user focus on the relevant area in the graph and understand the topology.

  • Added Pin All functionality. In Newton, the user was able to pin an entity in the Vitrage Entity Graph by double-clicking it. In Ocata, by clicking the Pin All button the user can pin all entities, so their locations will not change if the page is being reloaded or if new entities are added to the graph.

  • The Vitrage Topology View was enhanced. It looks better, visually, and is much easier to understand.

  • Added the Templates View under the Vitrage tab in Horizon. This view shows a list of the currently loaded templates in Vitrage, with their statuses. The user can view the contents of each template and understand the effect it has on the alarms correlation.