Note de release pour Newton


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Added a standard way to both declare and fetch configuration options so that whenever the administrator generates the Watcher configuration sample file, it contains the configuration options of the plugins that are currently available.

  • Added a generic scoring engine module, which will standarize interactions with scoring engines through the common API. It is possible to use the scoring engine by different Strategies, which improve the code and data model re-use.

  • Added an in-memory cache of the cluster model built up and kept fresh via notifications from services of interest in addition to periodic syncing logic.

  • Added a way to add a new action without having to amend the source code of the default planner.

  • Added a way to create periodic audit to be able to optimize continuously the cloud infrastructure.

  • Added a way to compare the efficacy of different strategies for a give optimization goal.

  • Added a way to return the of available goals depending on which strategies have been deployed on the node where the decison engine is running.

  • Allow decision engine to pass strategy parameters, like optimization threshold, to selected strategy, also strategy to provide parameters info to end user.

  • Copy all audit templates parameters into audit instead of having a reference to the audit template.

  • Added a strategy that monitors if there is a higher load on some hosts compared to other hosts in the cluster and re-balances the work across hosts to minimize the standard deviation of the loads in the cluster.

  • Added a new strategy based on the airflow of servers. This strategy makes decisions to migrate VMs to make the airflow uniform.

  • Added policies to handle user rights to access Watcher API.

  • Added a strategy based on the VM workloads of hypervisors. This strategy makes decisions to migrate workloads to make the total VM workloads of each hypervisor balanced, when the total VM workloads of hypervisor reaches threshold.