Ocata Series Release Notes


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Add notifications related to Action plan object.


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Add notifications related to Audit object.

  • Watcher can continuously optimize the OpenStack cloud for a specific strategy or goal by triggering an audit periodically which generates an action plan and run it automatically.

  • Centralize all configuration options for Watcher.

  • Watcher database can now be upgraded thanks to Alembic.

  • Provides a generic way to define the scope of an audit. The set of audited resources will be called « Audit scope » and will be defined in each audit template (which contains the audit settings).

  • The graph model describes how VMs are associated to compute hosts. This allows for seeing relationships upfront between the entities and hence can be used to identify hot/cold spots in the data center and influence a strategy decision.

  • Watcher supports multiple metrics backend and relies on Ceilometer and Monasca.

  • Watcher can now run specific actions in parallel improving the performances dramatically when executing an action plan.

  • Add superseded state for an action plan if the cluster data model has changed after it has been created.

  • Provide a notification mechanism into Watcher that supports versioning. Whenever a Watcher object is created, updated or deleted, a versioned notification will, if it’s relevant, be automatically sent to notify in order to allow an event-driven style of architecture within Watcher. Moreover, it will also give other services and/or 3rd party softwares (e.g. monitoring solutions or rules engines) the ability to react to such events.

  • Add a service supervisor to watch Watcher deamons.

  • all Watcher objects have been refactored to support OVO (oslo.versionedobjects) which was a prerequisite step in order to implement versioned notifications.