Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add notifications related to Action plan object.


New Features

  • Add notifications related to Audit object.

  • Watcher can continuously optimize the OpenStack cloud for a specific strategy or goal by triggering an audit periodically which generates an action plan and run it automatically.

  • Centralize all configuration options for Watcher.

  • Watcher database can now be upgraded thanks to Alembic.

  • Provides a generic way to define the scope of an audit. The set of audited resources will be called “Audit scope” and will be defined in each audit template (which contains the audit settings).

  • The graph model describes how VMs are associated to compute hosts. This allows for seeing relationships upfront between the entities and hence can be used to identify hot/cold spots in the data center and influence a strategy decision.

  • Watcher supports multiple metrics backend and relies on Ceilometer and Monasca.

  • Watcher can now run specific actions in parallel improving the performances dramatically when executing an action plan.

  • Add superseded state for an action plan if the cluster data model has changed after it has been created.

  • Provide a notification mechanism into Watcher that supports versioning. Whenever a Watcher object is created, updated or deleted, a versioned notification will, if it’s relevant, be automatically sent to notify in order to allow an event-driven style of architecture within Watcher. Moreover, it will also give other services and/or 3rd party softwares (e.g. monitoring solutions or rules engines) the ability to react to such events.

  • Add a service supervisor to watch Watcher deamons.

  • all Watcher objects have been refactored to support OVO (oslo.versionedobjects) which was a prerequisite step in order to implement versioned notifications.