Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Existing workload_balance strategy based on the VM workloads of CPU. This feature improves the strategy. By the input parameter “metrics”, it makes decision to migrate a VM base on CPU or memory utilization.


New Features

  • Add notifications related to Action object.

  • Added the functionality to filter out instances which have metadata field ‘optimize’ set to False. For now, this is only available for the basic_consolidation strategy (if “check_optimize_metadata” configuration option is enabled).

  • Added binding between apscheduler job and Watcher decision engine service. It will allow to provide HA support in the future.

  • Enhancement of vm_workload_consolidation strategy by using ‘memory.resident’ metric in place of ‘memory.usage’, as memory.usage shows the memory usage inside guest-os and memory.resident represents volume of RAM used by instance on host machine.

  • There is new ability to create Watcher continuous audits with cron interval. It means you may use, for example, optional argument ‘–interval “*/5 * * * *”’ to launch audit every 5 minutes. These jobs are executed on a best effort basis and therefore, we recommend you to use a minimal cron interval of at least one minute.

  • Add description property for dynamic action. Admin can see detail information of any specify action.

  • Added gnocchi support as data source for metrics. Administrator can change data source for each strategy using config file.

  • Added using of JSONSchema instead of voluptuous to validate Actions.

  • Added strategy to identify and migrate a Noisy Neighbor - a low priority VM that negatively affects peformance of a high priority VM by over utilizing Last Level Cache.

  • Add notifications related to Service object.

  • Added volume migrate action


New Features

  • Add action for compute node power on/off

  • Added cinder cluster data model


New Features

  • Added SUSPENDED audit state