Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Zaqar supports a new way to directly use pool resource without pool_group when creating Flavor. The old way will be kept in Queens and be marked useless. Zaqar will remove the pool_group totally in Rocky.

  • Support more retry backoff function in webhook type. It will work when Zaqar failed to send the notification to the subscriber. Users can define the retry backoff function in metadata of queue. There are four retry backoff functions including ‘linear’, ‘arithmetic’, ‘geometric’ and ‘exponential’.

  • Support Redis as management storage backend to improve the performance and ease of deployment. For the management driver, user needs to enable the redis storage options in redis.conf to persistent data.

  • Support for delayed queues is added for MongoDB, Redis and Swift. With this feature, if the queue is a delayed queue, its message will be delayed some time to be claimed. New reseved metadata key of queue is added: _default_message_delay.

  • Support non-URL encoded message body checksum function, the default algorithm is MD5. Back-end support for MongoDB, Redis and Swift. With this feature, when a user sends a message to the queue, Zaqar calculates a “checksum” value for the body of the non-URL encoded message, which the user can then get after the message is got or claimed. Finally, the user can use it to verify that the body of the newly obtained message is correct.

  • Redis connection doesn’t support password configure in zaqar, so redis-server can not set a password. If redis service doesn’t set a password, it will suffer a large number of attacks. The patch will support password configure for redis connection in zaqar.