Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support for queue filter when queue listing. With this feature, users can add filter of name or metadata in query string parameters in queue list to filter queues.

  • Since some clients use different format of client id not only uuid, like user id of ldap, so Zaqar will remove the format contrain of client id. Add one option ‘client_id_uuid_safe’ to allow user to control the validation of client id. Add two options ‘min_length_client_id’ and ‘max_length_client_id’ to allow user to control the length of client id if not using uuid. This also requires user to ensure the client id is immutable.

  • Since we have introduced the ‘pool_list’ instead of pool_group in Queens, Now we will update the APIs to suggest users use new argument.

  • Add three new reserved metdata in response body of querying queue. “_dead_letter_queue”, “_dead_letter_queue_messages_ttl” and “_max_claim_count”. Those metadata will help user to know better about dead letter queue.

Other Notes

  • The code structure for configuration files are changed. This is insensitvie for end users, but the persons who work for downstream changes should pay attention. Please refactor your private configurations to zaqar/conf/ folder as well.


New Features

  • Support non-URL encoded message body checksum function, the default algorithm is MD5. Back-end support for MongoDB, Redis and Swift. With this feature, when a user sends a message to the queue, Zaqar calculates a “checksum” value for the body of the non-URL encoded message, which the user can then get after the message is got or claimed. Finally, the user can use it to verify that the body of the newly obtained message is correct.