Welcome to Stackviz’s Manuals!

In this directory, you will find detailed documentation describing Stackviz components and how they work together.

Stackviz is broken up into two distinct components: a Python processing module (stackviz/stackviz) and an AngularJS front-end (stackviz/app). Stackviz also uses Gulp to manage various tasks including building sites and running tests. For information on each of these components, see their corresponding RST entry. Below is a listing of each major subdirectory in Stackviz.


  • ./app/: AngularJS front-end.

  • ./doc/: Stackviz’s documentation.

  • ./gulp/: Gulp used for task management.

  • ./stackviz/: Python processing module.

  • ./test/: Unit and e2e tests.

Documentation for the Python processing module and AngularJS front-end: