Common configuration

This document describes the configuration options common to all swift servers. Documentation for other swift configuration options can be found at Configuration Documentation.

An example of common configuration file can be found at etc/swift.conf-sample

The following configuration options are available:






max_header_size is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding of each header. Using 8192 as default because eventlet use 8192 as max size of header line. This value may need to be increased when using identity v3 API tokens including more than 7 catalog entries. See also include_service_catalog in proxy-server.conf-sample (documented in overview_auth.rst).



By default the maximum number of allowed headers depends on the number of max allowed metadata settings plus a default value of 32 for regular http headers. If for some reason this is not enough (custom middleware for example) it can be increased with the extra_header_count constraint.