compute package



compute.api_microversion_fixture module

class APIMicroversionFixture(compute_microversion)[source]

Bases: Fixture

compute.base module

class BaseV2ComputeAdminTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest

Base test case class for Compute Admin API tests.

class BaseV2ComputeTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseMicroversionTest, BaseTestCase

Base test case class for all Compute API tests.

compute.test_extensions module

class ExtensionsTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest

Tests Compute Extensions API


Test idempotent id: 05762f39-bdfa-4cdb-9b46-b78f8e78e2fd

Test getting specified compute extension details


Test idempotent id: 3bb27738-b759-4e0d-a5fa-37d7a6df07d1

Test listing compute extensions

compute.test_networks module

class ComputeNetworksTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest

Test compute networks API with compute microversion less than 2.36


Test idempotent id: 3fe07175-312e-49a5-a623-5f52eeada4c2

Test listing networks using compute networks API

compute.test_quotas module

class QuotasTestJSON(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest

Test compute quotas


Test idempotent id: cd65d997-f7e4-4966-a7e9-d5001b674fdc

Test tenants are created with the default compute quota values


Test idempotent id: 9bfecac7-b966-4f47-913f-1a9e2c12134a

Test user can get the default compute quota set for it’s project


Test idempotent id: f1ef0a97-dbbb-4cca-adc5-c9fbc4f76107

Test user can get the compute quota set for it’s project

compute.test_tenant_networks module

class ComputeTenantNetworksTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest

Test compute tenant networks API with microversion less than 2.36


Test idempotent id: edfea98e-bbe3-4c7a-9739-87b986baff26

Test list/show tenant networks

Fetch all networks that are visible to the tenant: this may include shared and external networks.

compute.test_versions module

class TestVersions(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseV2ComputeTest


Test idempotent id: b953a29e-929c-4a8e-81be-ec3a7e03cb76

Test individual version endpoints info works.

In addition to the GET / version request, there is also a version info document stored at the top of the versioned endpoints. This provides access to details about that endpoint, including min / max version if that implements microversions.

This test starts with the version list, iterates all the returned endpoints, and fetches them. This will also ensure that all the version links are followable constructs which will help detect configuration issues when SSL termination isn’t done completely for a site.


Test idempotent id: 6c0a0990-43b6-4529-9b61-5fd8daf7c55c

Test that a get of the unversioned url returns the choices doc.

A key feature in OpenStack services is the idea that you can GET / on the service and get a list of the versioned endpoints that you can access. This comes back as a status 300 request. It’s important that this is available to API consumers to discover the API they can use.

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