Check the status of the ceph cluster.

Uses ceph health to check if cluster is in HEALTH_WARN state and prints a debug message.

  • hosts: ceph_mon

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-deployment, post-ceph

  • parameters:

    • tripleo_delegate_to: {{ groups[‘ceph_mon’] | default([]) }}

    • osd_percentage_min: 0

  • roles: ceph

Role documentation


Ensure container status.

Detect failed containers and raise an error.

  • hosts: undercloud, allovercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, pre-upgrade, pre-update, post-deployment, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: container_status

Role documentation


Healthcheck systemd services Check.

Check for failed healthcheck systemd services.

  • hosts: undercloud, allovercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-deployment

  • parameters:

    • retries_number: 1

    • delay_number: 1

    • inflight_healthcheck_services: []

  • roles: healthcheck_service_status

Role documentation


Verify image-serve service is working and answering.

Ensures image-serve vhost is configured and httpd is running.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, pre-upgrade, post-deployment, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: image_serve

Role documentation


Neutron Sanity Check.

Run neutron-sanity-check on the controller nodes to find out potential issues with Neutron’s configuration.

The tool expects all the configuration files that are passed to the Neutron services.

  • hosts: {{ controller_rolename | default(‘Controller’) }}

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-deployment

  • parameters:

  • roles: neutron_sanity_check

Role documentation


Nova Status Upgrade Check.

Performs a release-specific readiness check before restarting services with new code. This command expects to have complete configuration and access to databases and services within a cell. For example, this check may query the Nova API database and one or more cell databases. It may also make requests to other services such as the Placement REST API via the Keystone service catalog

The nova-status upgrade check command has three standard return codes:

0 -> All upgrade readiness checks passed successfully and there is nothing to do. 1 -> At least one check encountered an issue and requires further investigation. This is considered a warning but the upgrade may be OK. 2 -> There was an upgrade status check failure that needs to be investigated. This should be considered something that stops an upgrade.

  • hosts: nova_api

  • groups: backup-and-restore, pre-upgrade

  • parameters:

  • roles: nova_status

Role documentation


Openstack services configuration validation.

This role is intended to leverage the oslo-config-validator on each one of the configuration files found on a deployment. The goal is to quickly catch erroneous configurations.

When called manually, it will also be possible to generate a report returning all the differences between the current configuration and the default configuration

  • hosts: all

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-deployment, post-system-upgrade, post-update, post-upgrade

  • parameters:

    • oslo_config_validator_debug: False

    • oslo_config_validator_report: False

    • oslo_config_validator_validation: True

    • oslo_config_validator_invalid_settings: True

    • oslo_config_validator_report_path: /var/tmp/config_validator_report

    • oslo_config_validator_report_archive: True

    • oslo_config_validator_work_path: /var/lib/tripleo-config/oslo_config_validator

    • oslo_config_validator_checked_services: [‘nova’, ‘cinder’, ‘glance’, ‘heat’, ‘ironic’, ‘placement’, ‘neutron’, ‘keystone’]

  • roles: oslo_config_validator

Role documentation


Check the status of the pacemaker cluster.

This runs pcs status and checks for any failed actions.

A failed status post-deployment indicates something is not configured correctly. This should also be run before upgrade as the process will likely fail with a cluster that’s not completely healthy.

This validation fails if pacemaker service is found failed or inactive.

  • hosts: {{ controller_rolename | default(‘Controller’) }}

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-deployment

  • parameters:

  • roles: pacemaker_status

Role documentation


Verify undercloud services state before running update or upgrade.

Check undercloud status before running a stack update - especially minor update and major upgrade.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: backup-and-restore, post-upgrade, pre-upgrade, post-update, pre-update

  • parameters:

  • roles: undercloud_service_status

Role documentation