Ensures we can access the wanted package version. Especially useful when you are switching repositories, for instance during an upgrade.

  • hosts: all

  • groups: prep, pre-deployment, pre-upgrade, pre-update, pre-system-upgrade, pre-undercloud-upgrade, pre-overcloud-prepare, pre-overcloud-upgrade, pre-overcloud-converge, pre-ceph

  • parameters:

    • package_version_debug: False

  • roles: package_version

Role documentation


Confirm that undercloud is setup to register to IdM.

Checks that the undercloud is ready to set up novajoin and to register to IdM as a client as part of undercloud-install.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: prep

  • parameters:

  • roles: tls_everywhere

Role documentation


Verify undercloud fits the disk space requirements.

Make sure that the root partition on the undercloud node has enough free space.

  • hosts: undercloud

  • groups: prep, pre-introspection

  • parameters:

    • volumes: [{‘mount’: ‘/var/lib/docker’, ‘min_size’: 10}, {‘mount’: ‘/var/lib/config-data’, ‘min_size’: 3}, {‘mount’: ‘/var/log’, ‘min_size’: 3}, {‘mount’: ‘/usr’, ‘min_size’: 5}, {‘mount’: ‘/var’, ‘min_size’: 20}, {‘mount’: ‘/’, ‘min_size’: 25}]

  • roles: undercloud_disk_space

Role documentation