OpenStack Upstream Training Introductions


About the training

Exercise 1

Introduce yourself to the others at your table! Who you are, what experience you have with OpenStack if any, what company you are at and what your role is there, why you are attending the course, etc.


We will introduce ourselves first and then turn it over to them to talk to each other at their tables.

Jump on etherpad

Open the Contributor Guide

The Contributor Guide contains all the information you need to know to be able to start contributing to OpenStack.

The training blocks will guide you through the chapters to get to know the community, tools and processes that we are using.

Ready, set, go to The OpenStack Contributor Guide

And then open the Introductions chapter.

Exercise 2

List at least three of the nine services that make up OpenStack’s core functionality.

Exercise 3

What are the Four Opens?