Task Tracking


Learning Exercise

Exercise 1

Create and submit a bug to our sandbox repository. Include at least one tag when creating your bug. Once it has been created, assign it to yourself.


Exercise 2

Create and register a blueprint against the sandbox repository. Include a description and assign yourself.


Exercise 3

Go post comments on a bug or add some ideas on a blueprint’s whiteboard that was created by someone in your group.

Examples: You can ask a question about the issue or proposed feature. You can confirm the issue and update its status to triaged.

Exercise 4

Create a board with at least two worklists (one manual and one automatic) for organizing tasks you are going to create. For the automatic worklist, give at least two criteria for the items that will go into the worklist.


Exercise 5

Create three stories for your worklists. At least one of them should meet the criteria that enables it to appear in your automatic worklist. Each story must have a minimum of two tasks that are named differently than the story name.

Exercise 6

Share your board with your group. Assign yourself to three tasks on other people’s stories. Comment on one story.