Vitrage Nova Notifier


The main purpose of Vitrage is to provide insights about the state of the system on problems that are not directly monitored. An example of such a problem is a switch failure that causes a Nova host to become unreachable, while Nova is not aware of this problem.

The Nova notifier tries to solve this use case, by calling Nova force-down API to notify Nova that the host is down.


In order to support this use case, the user should perform the following:

  1. Activate the nova notifier. In /etc/vitrage/vitrage.conf:

notifiers = nova
  1. Determine, in the Vitrage templates, what condition(s) indicates that the host is down. For example:

  - condition: host_down_alarm [on] host
      - mark_down:
          target: host

For more information about the mark-down action, see the Vitrage templates documentation: templates