Configure Profiler


osprofiler, the Cross-project profiling library for OpenStack, is integrated in Vitrage to generate 1 trace per request, that goes through all involved services.


Profiling must be enabled explicitly in Vitrage configuration file:


enabled = true
hmac_keys = SECRET_KEY
connection_string = redis://<ip-address>:6379/
  • hmac_key will be used in client to sign a request with profiling enabled

  • connection_string specify the storage driver to collect tracing data, fill in real IP address of redis here.

Note: in devstack environment, redis is available on redis://

Please refer to osprofiler user manual for details.


Use --profile option in Vitrage CLI to send a request with profiling enabled, e.g.:

vitrage --profile SECRET_KEY topology show

The key must match the hmac_keys configured in the server.

The uuid of trace will be prompted in console after the normal result. For example:

  "directed": true,
  "graph": {},
  "nodes": [],
  "links": [],
  "multigraph": true

To display trace use the command:

  osprofiler trace show --html 8c2a594b-bb26-4a00-a408-fd378ae3566b

Follow the help message above to show the trace file with osprofiler client:

osprofiler trace show --html <TRACE-ID> --connection-string=redis://<ip-address>:6379