Welcome to Watcher documentation

OpenStack Watcher provides a flexible and scalable resource optimization service for multi-tenant OpenStack-based clouds. Watcher provides a complete optimization loop—including everything from a metrics receiver, complex event processor and profiler, optimization processor and an action plan applier. This provides a robust framework to realize a wide range of cloud optimization goals, including the reduction of data center operating costs, increased system performance via intelligent virtual machine migration, increased energy efficiency and more!

Watcher project consists of several source code repositories:

  • watcher - is the main repository. It contains code for Watcher API server, Watcher Decision Engine and Watcher Applier.

  • python-watcherclient - Client library and CLI client for Watcher.

  • watcher-dashboard - Watcher Horizon plugin.

The documentation provided here is continually kept up-to-date based on the latest code, and may not represent the state of the project at any specific prior release.