Issues, charm procedures, and OpenStack upgrade notes

This page centralises all software issues, special charm procedures, and OpenStack upgrade path notes.


The documentation of issues and procedures are not duplicated amid the below-mentioned pages. For instance, an issue related to a specific OpenStack upgrade path is not repeated in the OpenStack upgrades section of the Upgrade issues page (an upgrade issue can potentially affect multiple OpenStack upgrade paths).

Software issues

Software issues mentioned here can be related to the charms or upstream OpenStack. Both upgrade and various non-upgrade (but noteworthy) issues are documented. Note that an upgrade issue can affect either of the three types of upgrades (charms, OpenStack, series). The following pages document the most important unresolved software issues in Charmed OpenStack:

Special charm procedures

During the lifetime of a cloud, the evolution of the upstream software or that of the charms will necessitate action on the part of the cloud administrator. This often involves replacing existing charms with new charms. For example, a charm may become deprecated and be superseded by a new charm, resulting in a recommendation (or a requirement) to use the new charm. The following is the list of documented special charm procedures:

OpenStack upgrade path notes

Occasionally, a specific OpenStack upgrade path will require particular attention. These upgrade notes typically contain software issues. If a special charm procedure is pertinent however, it will be mentioned. It is important to study the page that may apply to your upgrade scenario. The following is the list of documented OpenStack upgrade path notes: