Rally v0.3.3


Commits 20
Dev cycle 10 days
Release date 3/24/2016


A half of patches relate to Cleanup. We have once again proved that ideal stuff can be improved. :)


  • Cleanups:
  • Use proper attribute to get heat stack name

  • Always assign a name to created images.

    This is necessary for name-based cleanup. If a name is not specified, one will be generated automatically.

  • Improve filtering glance images in case of V2 API

  • Delete only images created by images context

    Since the images context allows creating images with arbitrary names, name-based cleanup won't work for it, so we have to delete the exact list of images that it created instead.

  • New config option to set cleanup threads

    Allow the user to change the number of cleanup threads via the rally config. When scaling out to thousands of instances, the cleanup can take forever with the static 20 threads.

  • Add inexact matching to name_matches_object

    This will support places where we create resources with names that start with a given name pattern, but include some additional identifier afterwards. For instance, when bulk creating instances, Nova appends a UUID to each instance name.

  • Scenarios:
  • Add sample of template for testing for testing heat caching.
  • Introduced new scenario Dummy.dummy_random_action. It is suitable for demonstration of upcoming trends report.
  • Contexts:
api_versions context was extended to support switch between Keystone V2 and V3 API versions. Now it is possible to use one Rally deployment to check both Keystone APIs.
  • Newcomer in the family:

All ResourceType classes are pluggable now and it is much easier to use and extend them.


Decorator rally.task.types.set is deprecated now in favor of rally.task.types.convert.

Bug fixes

  • #1536172: rally deployment destroy failed with traceback for failed deployments. At current moment it is impossible to delete deployment if for some reason deployment engine plugin cannot be found, because exception will be thrown.


  • Remove extra link in All release notes

    Previously, two links for latest release were presented.

  • Update release notes for 0.3.2

    • Fixed indents for warning messages
    • Fixed all references


To Everybody!