Rally v0.4.0


Commits 76
Bug fixes 12
Dev cycle 28 days
Release date 4/18/2016



Rally DB schema was changed since previous release. See HOWTO about updating your database.

CLI changes

  • Add status messages of db migration process
  • Display task errors in human-friendly form
  • Support OS_PROJECT_NAME as well as OS_TENANT_NAME


  • Removed deprecation warning in case of transmitted "name" attribute while creation neutron resources.


    Deprecated code was deleted.

  • Suppress warning insecure URL messages

    Do not spam end users by insecure URL messages because it is quite valid case in testing process


While preparing for deployment refactoring:

  • db schema was changed;
  • migration with new column credentials to deployment model was added;
  • columns users and admin were dropped.

Rally Task

  • Remove deprecated scenario output mechanism via returing value


    Deprecated code was deleted.

  • Friendlier error message with empty task file

    This is particularly useful when a Jinja2 template results in an empty task. The current error message isn't very helpful:

    Task config is invalid: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

  • Add Heat template validator



  • Extend VM bind actions with "pause_unpause", "suspend_resume", "lock_unlock", "shelve_unshelve".
  • Add exact error message into VMTasks.runcommand_heat scenario


  • Reduce default speed of users creation in users context from 30 to 20 by default.


  • NEW!! MaxAverageDurationPerAtomic : Maximum average duration of one iterations atomic actions in seconds.

    Plugin Reference


  • Improve results calculation in charts.Table
  • Use int instead of float for Y axis. It's number of parallel iterations and it can't be float.
  • Remove accuracy that makes no sense, and creates a lot of noise on this graph
  • Include failed iterations as well, otherwise we will calculate load incorrectly
  • Graph should start from 0 (begging of experiment)
  • Add 2 points at the end of graph to get at the end of graph 0 iterations in parallel

Task Exporter:

In previous release we introduced new mechanism to export results in various external systems and various formats.

In this release, we added first plugin for this stuff - file_exporter


Remove hardcoded timeout from heat service


Make glance web uploads streamable

Without this change entire file get's downloaded into memory and can cause issues.

Rally Verify

  • Set time precision to 3 digits (instead of 5) after dot.

  • Don't use "--parallel" flag when concurrency == 1

    If concurrency equals to 1, it means that we use only one thread to run Tempest tests and the "--parallel" flag is not needed.

Plugin for DevStack

  • Support to be enabled with different plugin name

    Allow rally to be installed by devstack through a different plugin name, e.g:

    enable_plugin test-rally http://github.com/rally/rally.git master
  • Removed uncalled code

    Devstack won't "source plugin.sh source" any more.

Bug fixes

12 bugs were fixed:

  • X-Fail mechanism did not work for TestCase which failed on setUp step

    If Tempest fails in a test's setUpClass(), there is only one subunit event for each TestCase. In this case, Rally did not check partial test with x-fail list and marked test as "fail" insted of "x-fail".

    Launchpad bug-report #1568133

  • Weak isolation of scenario arguments between iterations

    Input arguments for sub-task were shared between all iterations. Rally team found one scenario which modified mutable input variable.

    Affected scenario: NeutronNetworks.create_and_update_ports

  • Incompatible filters between V1 and V2 for Glance images listing

    Glance V1 and V2 have different filters. For example, "owner" is a separate kwarg in V1, not a generic filter. Also, visibility has different labels in different APIs. We modified our Glance wrapper to support Glance V2 format of filters for both V1 and V2

  • Wrong way to store validation errors

    Results of failed task validations saved in incorrect format. It broke and made un-userfriendly rally task detailed command.

    Launchpad bug-report #1562713

  • Hardcoded task's status in rally task results

    If there are no results for task, rally task results printed message that task has failed status, but it can be not true(tasks in running state do not have results).

    Launchpad bug-report #1539096

  • Tempest context failed to create network resources

    While we merged improvement for keystoneclient, we used wrong way to obtain tenant id in TempestContext.

    Launchpad bug-report #1550848

  • Tasks based on Tempest failed to parse execution time.

    There is an ability in Rally to launch tasks based on Tempest. Since launch of Tempest is just subprocess, it is needed to parse subunit to set correct atomic actions.

    There was an issue while converting task execution time.

    Launchpad bug-report #1566712

  • JSONSchema huge impact on task performance

    Before runner sent data to engine we were checking jsonschema. This operation is very expensive and in some cases it can take a lot of time.

    Here are test results, with Dummy.dummy_output scenario, sleep 0.5s (added manually), 8000 iterations, 400 in parallel:

    • on master branch before the fix:
      Load duration: 117.659588099 Full duration: 227.451056004
    • on master before the fix but remove jsonschema validation in scenario:
      Load duration: 12.5437350273 Full duration: 128.942219973
    • on this patch before the fix (pure python validation):
      Load duration: 11.5991640091 Full duration: 22.7199981213
  • Wrong Calculation of running iterations in parallel

    Load profile chart was calculated wrongly. It showed more running iterations in parallel than actually are running.

  • Rally did not show "missing argument" error raised by argparse while parsing cli args

    Launchpad bug-report #1562916

  • Issue while checking required arguments in CLI

    There was a possible issue in case of several required arguments

    Launchpad bug-report #1555764

  • Prepare step of verification did not check visibility of obtained image

    When we request a list of images to choose one of them for tests, we should make sure all images are active and they are PUBLIC. If images are not public, we will have failures of Tempest tests as described in the bug.

    Launchpad bug-report #1564431


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