Rally v0.5.0


Commits 175
Bug fixes 19
Dev cycle 93 days
Release date 7/20/2016


This release took much more time than we expected, but we have a lot of reasons for such delay and if you look at our change-log, you will understand them.:)

Here is a quick introduction:

  • To make our releases as much as possible stable, we added upper limits for each of our requirements;
  • A lot of deprecated lines of code were removed, so be careful;
  • Statistics trends for given tasks were introduced;
  • Support for tempest plugins was added;
  • Several new pages at docs.


  • disable urllib3 warnings only if the library provide them


[doesn't require migration] Transform DB layer to return dicts, not SQLAlchemy models

Rally Deployment

  • Support single-AZ deployment

    This supports the case where OpenStack is deployed with a single AZ for both controller(s) and compute(s), and not all hosts in the AZ that contains an instance are guaranteed to have the nova-compute service.

  • Extend creation from environment with several new vars

  • Improve devstack plugin for Keystone V3

Rally Task

NEW!! Statistics trends for given tasks.

Rally Verify

  • Remove '--tempest-config' arg from 'reinstall' command


    Using --tempest-config is became an error from this release. Use rally verify genconfig cmd for all config related stuff.

  • Don't install Tempest when rally verify start


    Use should use rally verify install cmd to install tempest now

  • Add ability to setup version of Tempest to install

    CLI argument to setup version

  • Configure 'aodh' service in 'service_available' section

  • Check existence of Tempest-tree in rally verify discover cmd

  • Make Tempest work with auth url which doesn't include keystone version

    Tempest needs /v2.0 and /v3 at the end of URLs. Actually, we can't fix Tempest, so we extend our configuration module with workaround which allow to specify auth_url without version in rally deployment config.

  • Use default list of plugins for sahara

  • Move tempest related options of rally configuration to separate section.

  • NEW!! Support for tempest plugins.

    CLI argument to install them


In this release we are happy to introduce new entity - plugins Base classes

We have a lot of base plugin entities: Context, Scenario, SLA and etc. Sometimes plugins of different bases can have equal names(i.e ceilometer OSClient and ceilometer Context). It is normal and we should allow such conflicts. To support such cases we introduced new entity - plugin base. Statements of plugin bases:

  • Each plugin base is unique entity;
  • Names of plugin bases can't conflict with each other;
  • Names of two or more plugins in one plugin base can't conflict with each other(in case of same namespace).
  • Names of two or more plugins in different plugin base can conflict

Current list of plugin bases:

  • rally.task.context.Context
  • rally.task.scenario.Scenario
  • rally.task.types.ResourceType
  • rally.task.exporter.TaskExporter
  • rally.task.processing.charts.Chart
  • rally.task.runner.ScenarioRunner
  • rally.task.sla.SLA
  • rally.deployment.serverprovider.provider.ProviderFactory
  • rally.deployment.engine.Engine
  • rally.osclients.OSClient


  • NEW!! Support for Senlin client
  • NEW!! Support for Gnocchi client
  • NEW!! Support for Magnum client
  • NEW!! Support for Watcher client
  • Transmit endpoint_type to saharaclient


  • NEW!!:
  • [Sahara] Add configs to MapR plugin

  • Extend CinderVolumes.create_and_upload_volume_to_image with "image" argument

    Plugin Reference

  • Deprecate Dummy.dummy_with_scenario_output scenario in favor of Dummy.dummy_output


    Dummy.dummy_with_scenario_output scenario will be removed after several releases

    Deprecated Plugin Reference New Plugin Reference

  • Extend CinderVolumes.create_volume_and_clone with nested_level

    Add nested_level argument for nested cloning volume to new volume

  • Extend CinderVolumes.create_nested_snapshots_and_attach_volume

    Two new arguments were added: create_volume_kwargs and create_snapshot_kwargs


    All arguments related to snapshot creation should be transmitted only via create_snapshot_kwargs.

  • Introduce new style of scenarios - class based.

    Spec Reference

  • Improve report for VMTasks.boot_runcommand_delete

  • [Sahara] Added 5.5.0 version for cdh-plugin and 1.6.0 version for spark

  • Extend boot_server_from_volume_and_delete, boot_server_from_volume, boot_server_from_volume_and_live_migrate, boot_server_from_volume_snapshot scenarios of NovaServers class with "volume_type" parameter.


  • NEW!!:

  • Use Broker Pattern in Keystone roles context

  • Use immutable types for locking context configuration

    Since context configuration passed to Context.__init__() was a mutable type (dict or list), sometimes we had unexpected changes done by unpredictable code (for example, in wrappers).

  • Add possibility to balance usage of users

    For the moment all users for tasks were taken randomly and there was no way to balance them between tasks. It may be very useful when we have difference between first usage of tenant/user and all consecutive. In this case we get different load results.

    Therefore, "users" context was extended with new config option 'user_choice_method' that defines approach for picking up users.

    Two values are available: - random - round_robin

    Default one is compatible with old approach - "random".

  • Make sahara_image and custom_image contexts glance v2 compatible

  • Extend servers context with "nics" parameter

  • Extend network context with "dns_nameservers" parameter

  • Extend volume context with "volume_type" parameter


  • Mark several cleanup resources as tenant_resource

    Nova servers and security groups are tenant related resources, but resource decorator missed that fact which makes cleanup tries to delete one resources several times.

  • Turn off redundant nova servers cleanup for NovaFlavors.list_flavors scenario

  • Add neutron cleanup for NeutronSecurityGroup.create_and_delete_security_groups


Rename task-exporter "file-exporter" to "file".


"file-exporter" is deprecated and will be removed in further releases.


Remove deprecated types.


you should use rally.task.types.convert instead of rally.task.types.set decorator


  • Add a required_api_version validator
  • Add validators for scenario arguments


Use glance wrapper where appropriate to support compatibility between V1 and V2

Bug fixes

19 bugs were fixed:

  • Wrong arguments order of Keystone wrapper in case of V2 and V3

  • AttributeError while disabling urllib3 warnings on old installations

    Launchpad bug-report #1573650

  • install_rally.sh script is failed while obtaining setuptools

  • "-inf" load duration in case of wrong runner plugin and failed start of contexts

  • Strange input task in the report

    Launchpad bug-report #1570328

  • Wrong behaviour of boot_server_from_volume scenarios in case of booting server from image.

    The arg of image must be None, when booting server from volume. Otherwise still boot server from image.

    Affected scenarios:

    NovaServers.boot_server_from_volume NovaServers.boot_server_from_volume_and_delete NovaServers.boot_server_from_volume_and_resize NovaServers.boot_server_from_volume_and_live_migrate

    Launchpad bug-report #1578556

  • Weak validation of json schema of RPS runner

    JSON Schema of RPS runner doesn't have "required" field. It means that users are able to pass wrong configs and we will have runtime error while running task.

  • Rally doesn't take cacert setting while creating keystone session

    Launchpad bug-report #1577360

  • Heat scenarios fail when API uses TLS

    Launchpad bug-report #1585456

  • Example in comment of context manila_share_networks wrong

    Launchpad bug-report #1587164

  • There is no way to get UUID of a verification after it is created by "rally verify start" or "rally verify import_results" when --no-use is set

    Launchpad bug-report #1587034

  • Exposed ssh timeout and interval in vm scenario

    Launchpad bug-report #1587728

  • Ceilometer scenario doesn't require "ceilometer" ctx

    Launchpad bug-report #1557642

  • "servers" context requires setting network id for multiple possible networks found.

    Launchpad bug-report #1592292

  • nested_level data type incorrect in create_nested_snapshots_and_attach_volume

    Launchpad bug-report #1594656

  • Rally cleanup servers raises exception

    Launchpad bug-report #1584104

  • Stopping server is redundant before cold-migrating server

    Launchpad bug-report #1594730

  • existing_users context doesn't work in case of Keystone v3

  • Whether validates flavor's disk or not depends on booting type of the instance

    Launchpad bug-report #1596756



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