Rally v0.6.0


Release date 9/05/2016



  • Added Python 3.5 support
  • Sync requirements with OpenStack global-requirements
  • Start using latest way of authentication - keystoneauth library
  • Start porting all scenario plugins to class-based view.


  • disable db downgrade api
  • [require migration] upgrade deployment config

Docker image

  • Add sudo rights to rally user Rally is a pluggable framework. External plugins can require installation of additional python or system packages, so we decided to add sudo rights.
  • Move from ubuntu:14.04 base image to ubuntu:16.04 . Ubuntu 16.04 is current/latest LTS release. Let's use it.
  • pre-install vim Since there are a lot of users who like to experiment and modify samples inside container, rally team decided to pre-install vim
  • configure/pre-install bash-completion Rally provides bash-completion script, but it doesn't work without installed bash-completion package and now it is included in our image.

Rally Deployment

  • Add strict jsonschema validation for ExistingCloud deployments. All incorrect and unexpected properties will not be ignored anymore. If you need to store some extra parameters, you can use new "extra" property.

  • Fix an issue with endpoint_type. Previously, endpoint type was not transmitted to keystone client. In this case, keystoneclient used default endpoint type (for different API calls it can differ). Behaviour after the fix:

    • None endpoint type -> Rally will initialize all clients without setting endpoint type. It means that clients will choose what default values for endpoint type use by itself. Most of clients have "public" as default values. Keystone use "admin" or "internal" by default.
    • Not none endpoint type -> Rally will initialize all clients with this endpoint. Be careful, by default most of keystone v2 api calls do not work with public endpoint type.

Rally Task

  • [core] Iterations numbers in logging and reports must be synchronized. Now they start from 1 .

  • [config] users_context.keystone_default_role is a new config option (Defaults to "member") for setting default user role for new users in case of Keystone V3.

  • [Reports] Embed Rally version into HTML reports This adds Rally version via meta tag into HTML reports:

    <meta name="generator" content="Rally version {{ version }}">

  • [Reports] Expand menu if there is only one menu group

  • [logging] Remove deprecated rally.common.log module

  • [Trends][Reports] Add success rate chart to trends report

  • [Reports] Hide menu list if there is no data at all

Rally Verify

  • Updating Tempest config file
  • Some tests (for boto, horizon, etc.) were removed from Tempest and now there is no need to keep the corresponding options in Tempest config file.
  • Some options in Tempest were moved from one section to another and we should to do the corresponding changes in Rally to be up to date with the latest Tempest version.
  • Rename and deprecated several arguments for rally verify start cmd:
  • tests-file -> load-list
  • xfails-file -> xfail-list



  • Extend Sahara scenarios with autoconfig param

    Affected plugins:

  • NEW!!:
  • Rename murano.create_service to murano.create_services atomic action


NEW!!: performance degradation plugin


  • NEW!!:
  • Extend manila_share_networks context with share-network autocreation support.
  • Extend volumes context to allow volume_type to be None to allow using default value

Bug fixes



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