Rally v0.7.0


Release date 10/11/2016


Specs & Feature Requests



Database schema is changed, you must run rally-manage db upgrade to be able to use old Rally installation with latest release.

  • [require migration] fix for wrong format of "verification_log" of tasks
  • [require migration] remove admin_domain_name from OpenStack deployments

Rally Deployment

  • Remove admin_domain_name from openstack deployment Reason: admin_domain_name parameter is absent in Keystone Credentials.

Rally Task

  • [Trends][Reports] Use timestamps on X axis in trends report

  • [Reports] Add new OutputTextArea chart plugin

    New chart plugin can show arbitrary textual data on "Scenario Stata -> Per iteration" tab.

    This finally allows to show non-numeric data like IP addresses, notes and even long comments.

    Plugin Dummy.dummy_output is also updated to provide demonstration.

  • [cli] Add version info to rally task start output

  • [api] Allow to delete stopped tasks without force=True

    It is reasonable to protect deletion of running tasks (statuses INIT, VERIFYING, RUNNING, ABORTING and so on...) but it is strange to protect deletion for stopped tasks (statuses FAILED and ABORTED). Also this is annoying in CLI usage.

  • Added hooks and triggers.

    Hook is a new entity which can be launched on specific events. Trigger is another new entity which processes events and launches hooks. For example, hook can launch specific destructive action - just execute cli command(we have sys_call hook for this task) and it can be launched by simple trigger on specific iteration(s) or time (there is event trigger).

Rally Verify

Scenario tests in Tempest require an image file. Logic of obtaining this image is changed:

  • If CONF.tempest.img_name_regex is set, Rally tries to find an image matching to the regex in Glance and download it for the tests.
  • If CONF.tempest.img_name_regex is not set (or Rally didn't find the image matching to CONF.tempest.img_name_regex), Rally downloads the image by the link specified in CONF.tempest.img_url.

Bug fixes


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