Configuring Cinder with a NetApp Backend

Configuring Cinder with a NetApp Backend

This guide assumes that your undercloud is already installed and ready to deploy an overcloud.

Deploying the Overcloud


The Deploying with Heat Templates doc has a more detailed explanation of the following steps.

  1. Copy the NetApp configuration file to your home directory:

    sudo cp /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/cinder-netapp-config.yaml ~
  2. Edit the permissions (user is typically stack):

    sudo chown $USER ~/cinder-netapp-config.yaml
    sudo chmod 755 ~/cinder-netapp-config.yaml
  3. Edit the parameters in this file to fit your requirements. Ensure that the following line is changed:

    OS::TripleO::ControllerExtraConfigPre: /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/puppet/extraconfig/pre_deploy/controller/cinder-netapp.yaml
  4. Continue following the TripleO instructions for deploying an overcloud. Before entering the command to deploy the overcloud, add the environment file that you just configured as an argument:

    openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e ~/cinder-netapp-config.yaml
  5. Wait for the completion of the overcloud deployment process.

Creating a NetApp Volume


The following steps will refer to running commands as an admin user or a tenant user. Sourcing the overcloudrc file will authenticate you as the admin user. You can then create a tenant user and use environment files to switch between them.

  1. Create a new volume type that maps to the new NetApp backend [admin]:

    cinder type-create [name]
    cinder type-key [name] set volume_backend_name=tripleo_netapp
  2. Create the volume [admin]:

    cinder create --volume-type [type name] [size of volume]
  3. Attach the volume to a server:

    nova volume-attach <server> <volume> <device>
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