Deploying with OVS DPDK Support

Deploying with OVS DPDK Support

TripleO can deploy Overcloud nodes with OVS DPDK support. The following changes are required:

  • Environment File
  • Parameters
  • Network Config

Environment File

Deploy command should include the OVS DPDK environment file to override the default neutron-ovs-agent service with neutron-ovs-dpdk-agent service. All the required parameters are specified in this environment file as commented. The parameters has to be configured according to the baremetal on which OVS DPDK is enabled.

Also, OVS-DPDK requires mandatory kernel parameters to be set before configuring the DPDK driver, like intel_iommu=on on Intel machines. In order to enable the configuration of kernel parametres to the host, host- config-pre-network environment file has to be added for the deploy command.

Adding the following arguments to the openstack overcloud deploy command will do the trick:

-e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/neutron-ovs-dpdk.yaml \
-e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/host-config-pre-network.yaml \


The parameters NeutronDpdkCoreList and NeutronDpdkMemoryChannels are mandatory for OVS-DPDK deployment. And other optional parameter to be considered is NeutronDpdkSocketMemory.:

NeutronDpdkCoreList: "'1,2,18,19'"
NeutronDpdkMemoryChannels: "4"
NeutronDpdkSocketMemory: "'1024,1024'"

The parameter ComputeKernelArgs should be provided in the deployment environment file, with the set of kernel boot parameters to be applied on the Compute role where OVS DPDK is enabled:

ComputeKernelArgs: "default_hugepagesz=1GB hugepagesz=1G hugepages=64 intel_iommu=on"


The parameter ComputeKernelArgs is specific to a role. In case of introducing a new role like ComputeOvsDpdk, the kernel args should be given as ComputeOvsDpdkKernelArgs parameter.

Network Config

DPDK supported network interfaces should be specified in the network config templates to configure OVS DPDK on the node. The following new network config types have been added to support DPDK.

  • ovs_user_bridge
  • ovs_dpdk_port
  • ovs_dpdk_bond


    type: ovs_user_bridge
    name: br-link
    use_dhcp: false
        type: ovs_dpdk_port
        name: dpdk0
            type: interface
            name: nic3

By default, the interface will be bound to vfio-pci DPDK driver. In case of binding to a diffrenet driver, network config types ovs_dpdk_port and ovs_dpdk_bond each take an additional parameter driver to specify the driver name.

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