is a script that can be used to help bootstrap development environments. It automates many of the steps in this documentation to help get setup faster. It’s opinionated automation around other production tooling (python-tripleoclient , etc). is also used by tripleo-ci to test TripleO patches.

Get is from the tripleo-ci project. git clone tripleo-ci, and the script is under the scripts/ directory:

git clone
tripleo-ci/scripts/ --help


The script is intended to run on an new instack undercloud setup. That is, you would follow the environment setup docs through to and including instack-virt-setup (for a virt setup), ssh onto the resulting undercloud node and then run with the options identified below.


The help text shows what options are available, and the options are listed in corresponding order with how a TripleO deployment is done.

Repository setup:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --repo-setup

Installing the undercloud:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --undercloud

Building overcloud images:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --overcloud-images

Registering nodes:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --register-nodes

Introspect nodes:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --introspect-nodes

Deploy overcloud:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --overcloud-deploy

Alternatively, all of the above options can be execute at once with:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --all

Test overcloud:

tripleo-ci/scripts/ --overcloud-pingtest

Requirements for testing the overcloud: overcloudrc file (Located by default in the undercloud current user’s directory).

This option will check that the overcloud is able to create a stack, testing several OpenStack components in the process. The following steps are made in order to check the stack creation:

  • Download a Linux image and upload it to glance with the name pingtest_image.
  • Create an external neutron network called nova.
  • Create a subnet in the nova network.
  • Create a test stack called tenant-stack, using heat, which spawns a guest in the overcloud and attach it to the nova network.
  • Ping the floating IP address assigned to the new guest.

After the test, the created resources are deleted.

Environment variables

Certain values and assumptions can be changed via environment variables. See the source code for details.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Except where otherwise noted, this document is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. See all OpenStack Legal Documents.