Import/Export of VM Snapshots

Import/Export of VM Snapshots

Create a snapshot of a running server

Create a new image by taking a snapshot of a running server and download the image.

nova image-create instance_name image_name
glance image-download image_name --file exported_vm.qcow2

Import an image into Overcloud and launch an instance

Upload the exported image into glance in Overcloud and launch a new instance.

glance image-create --name imported_image --file exported_vm.qcow2 --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare
nova boot --poll --key-name default --flavor m1.demo --image imported_image --nic net-id=net_id imported


Warning: disadvantage of using glance image for export/import VMs is that each VM disk has to be copied in and out into glance in source and target clouds. Also by making snapshot qcow layering system is lost.

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