The guides are point in time contributions, and may not always be up to date with the latest work in devstack.

Walk through various setups used by stackers

All-In-One Single VM

Run OpenStack in a VM. The VMs launched in your cloud will be slow as they are running in QEMU (emulation), but it is useful if you don’t have spare hardware laying around. [Read]

All-In-One Single Machine

Run OpenStack on dedicated hardware This can include a server-class machine or a laptop at home. [Read]

All-In-One LXC Container

Run OpenStack in a LXC container. Beneficial for intermediate and advanced users. The VMs launched in this cloud will be fully accelerated but not all OpenStack features are supported. [Read]

Multi-Node Lab

Setup a multi-node cluster with dedicated VLANs for VMs & Management. [Read]

DevStack with Neutron Networking

Building a DevStack cluster with Neutron Networking. This guide is meant for building lab environments with a dedicated control node and multiple compute nodes.

DevStack with KVM-based Nested Virtualization

Procedure to setup DevStack with KVM-based Nested Virtualization. With this setup, Nova instances will be more performant than with plain QEMU emulation.

Nova and devstack

Guide to working with nova features Nova and devstack.

Configure Octavia

Guide on Configure Octavia.

Deploying DevStack with LDAP

Guide to setting up DevStack with LDAP.