The guides are point in time contributions, and may not always be up to date with the latest work in devstack.

Walk through various setups used by stackers

All-In-One Single VM

Run OpenStack in a VM. The VMs launched in your cloud will be slow as they are running in QEMU (emulation), but it is useful if you don’t have spare hardware laying around. [Read]

All-In-One Single Machine

Run OpenStack on dedicated hardware This can include a server-class machine or a laptop at home. [Read]

All-In-One LXC Container

Run OpenStack in a LXC container. Beneficial for intermediate and advanced users. The VMs launched in this cloud will be fully accelerated but not all OpenStack features are supported. [Read]

Multi-Node Lab

Setup a multi-node cluster with dedicated VLANs for VMs & Management. [Read]

DevStack with Neutron Networking

Building a DevStack cluster with Neutron Networking. This guide is meant for building lab environments with a dedicated control node and multiple compute nodes.

DevStack with KVM-based Nested Virtualization

Procedure to setup DevStack with KVM-based Nested Virtualization. With this setup, Nova instances will be more performant than with plain QEMU emulation.

Nova and devstack

Guide to working with nova features Nova and devstack.