Blueprints and specifications

The Documentation team uses specifications in the docs-specs repository to maintain large changes. Approved specifications are published at Documentation Program Specifications. For tracking purposes, a blueprint is created for each specification.

Use blueprints and specifications:

  • For any large reorganization of a deliverable or set of deliverables.

  • For infrastructure or automation work that needs to be designed prior to proposing a patch.

  • When adding an entirely new deliverable to the docs project.

  • When adding large sections to an existing document to ensure involvement of the docs core team.

  • For any work that requires both content and tooling changes, such as addition of the API reference site.

  • For work that should definitely be discussed at a project teams gathering.

A specification needs two +2 votes from the docs core team. See the current list of docs core team members.

Use bugs against a particular repository with documentation:

  • For known content issues, even if you have to do multiple patches to close the bug.

  • To add content that is just missing.

  • For known errors in a document.

For more information, see Documentation bugs.