Documentation team structure

The Documentation project provides documentation for various OpenStack projects to promote OpenStack, develop and maintain tools and processes to ensure quality and accuracy of documentation.

The OpenStack community has merged the Documentation team (also know as ‘Technical Writing’ SIG ) into the OpenStack Technical Committee: If you have any question regarding the documentation or training guides please feel free to contact the OpenStack Technical Committee

The current list of docs cores for openstack-manuals, openstackdocstheme, and openstack-doc-tools repositories can be found at,members.

The api-site, contributor-guide, security-doc, and training-guides repositories have separate core teams but also include the docs core team.

The cross-project liaisons (CPLs) assist with subject matter questions, reviews, doc bug triaging, and patching docs. Refer to documentation cross-project liaisons for the list of people, and if you are interested in becoming a CPL for docs, contact the Documentation PTL.