The freezer.engine.osbrick.client Module

The freezer.engine.osbrick.client Module

class freezer.engine.osbrick.client.Client(volumes_client=None)

Bases: object

attach(volume_id, hostname, mountpoint=None, mode='rw', multipath=False, enforce_multipath=False)
detach(volume_id, attachment_uuid=None, multipath=False, enforce_multipath=False, device_info=None)
get_all_volume_paths(protocol, use_multipath=False)

Gets all volume paths on the system for a given protocol.

get_connector(multipath=False, enforce_multipath=False)
get_volume_paths(volume_id, use_multipath=False)

Gets volume paths on the system for a specific volume.

version = '1.1.0'
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freezer 6.0.1.dev5