The freezer.snapshot.lvm Module

The freezer.snapshot.lvm Module

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Freezer LVM related functions


Take a file system path as argument as backup_opt_dict.path_to_backup and return a list containing lvm_srcvol, lvm_volgroup where the path is mounted on.

Parameters:path – the original file system path where backup needs to be executed
Returns:a dict containing the keys ‘volgroup’, ‘srcvol’ and ‘snap_path’

The argument need to be a full path lvm name i.e. /dev/vg0/var or a disk partition like /dev/sda1. The returnet value is the file system type

freezer.snapshot.lvm.lvm_guess(mount_point_path, mount_points, source='/proc/mounts')

Guess lvm vol group and vol name from mount point

Extract the vol group and vol name from given list of mount_points and mount_point_path

  • mount_point_path – mount path
  • mount_points – list of currently mounted devices

a list containing volume group, volume name and full device path


Checks the provided parameters and create the lvm snapshot if requested

The path_to_backup might be adjusted in case the user requested a lvm snapshot without specifying an exact path for the snapshot). The assumption in this case is that the user wants to use the lvm snapshot capability to backup the specified filesystem path, leaving out all the rest of the parameters which will guessed and set by freezer.

Parameters:backup_opt_dict – the configuration dict
Returns:True if the snapshot has been taken, False otherwise

Unmount the snapshot and removes it

  • backup_opt_dict.lvm_dirmount – mount point of the snapshot
  • backup_opt_dict.lvm_volgroup – volume group to which the lv belongs
  • backup_opt_dict.lvm_snapname – name of the snapshot lv

None, raises on error


Validates the parameters and raises in case of missing values

Returns:False is snapshot is not requested, True snapshot is requested and parameters are valid
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