The freezer.engine.tar.tar Module

The freezer.engine.tar.tar Module

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Freezer general utils functions

class freezer.engine.tar.tar.TarEngine(compression, symlinks, exclude, storage, max_segment_size, encrypt_key=None, dry_run=False, **kwargs)

Bases: freezer.engine.engine.BackupEngine

backup_data(backup_resource, manifest_path)
static check_process_output(process, function)

Check process stderr and return code to determine if error occurred.

Check process stderr for any non-empty value. Check process return code for any non-zero value. Log error message and raise an exception if error occurred.

  • process – the multiprocessing process to check
  • function – a string: (‘Restore’ | ‘Backup’) for error message

None – Do nothing and return None if no error occurred


Exception – Raise Exception if error occurred

restore_level(restore_resource, read_pipe, backup, except_queue)

Restore the provided file into backup_opt_dict.restore_abs_path Decrypt the file if backup_opt_dict.encrypt_pass_file key is provided

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freezer 6.0.1.dev5