Releasing Horizon Projects

Since the responsibility for releases will move between people, we document that process here.

A full list of projects that horizon manages is available in the governance site.

Who is responsible for releases?

The current PTL is ultimately responsible for making sure code gets released. They may choose to delegate this responsibility to a liaison, which is documented in the cross-project liaison wiki.

Anyone may submit a release request per the process below, but the PTL or liaison must +1 the request for it to be processed.

Release process

Releases are managed by the OpenStack release team. The release process is documented in the Project Team Guide.

In general, horizon deliverables follow the cycle-with-intermediary release model.

Things to do before releasing

  • Update default policy-in-code rules in horizon for all backend services like cinder/glance/keystone/neutron/nova. For more information on how to update these policy rules see the Horizon Policy Enforcement (RBAC: Role Based Access Control).

  • Check for any open patches that are close to be merged or release critical. This usually includes important bug fixes and/or features that we’d like to release, including the related documentation.