The Views Module

class openstack_auth.views.PasswordView(**kwargs)[source]

Changes user’s password when it’s expired or otherwise inaccessible.


alias of openstack_auth.forms.Password


If the form is valid, redirect to the supplied URL.


Return the initial data to use for forms on this view.


Logs a user in using the Login form.

openstack_auth.views.logout(request, login_url=None, **kwargs)[source]

Logs out the user if he is logged in. Then redirects to the log-in page.

  • login_url – Once logged out, defines the URL where to redirect after login

  • kwargs – see django.contrib.auth.views.logout_then_login extra parameters.

openstack_auth.views.switch(request, tenant_id, redirect_field_name='next')[source]

Switches an authenticated user from one project to another.

openstack_auth.views.switch_keystone_provider(request, keystone_provider=None, redirect_field_name='next')[source]

Switches the user’s keystone provider using K2K Federation

If keystone_provider is given then we switch the user to the keystone provider using K2K federation. Otherwise if keystone_provider is None then we switch the user back to the Identity Provider Keystone which a non federated token auth will be used.

openstack_auth.views.switch_region(request, region_name, redirect_field_name='next')[source]

Switches the user’s region for all services except Identity service.

The region will be switched if the given region is one of the regions available for the scoped project. Otherwise the region is not switched.

openstack_auth.views.switch_system_scope(request, redirect_field_name='next')[source]

Switches an authenticated user from one system to another.


Logs a user in using a token from Keystone’s POST.