Release notes

Kayobe (just like Kolla) uses the following release notes sections:

  • features — for new features or functionality; these should ideally refer to the blueprint being implemented;

  • fixes — for fixes closing bugs; these must refer to the bug being closed;

  • upgrade — for notes relevant when upgrading from previous version; these should ideally be added only between major versions; required when the proposed change affects behaviour in a non-backwards compatible way or generally changes something impactful;

  • deprecations — to track deprecated features; relevant changes may consist of only the commit message and the release note;

  • prelude — filled in by the PTL before each release or RC.

Other release note types may be applied per common sense. Each change should include a release note unless being a TrivialFix change or affecting only docs or CI. Such changes should not include a release note to avoid confusion. Remember release notes are mostly for end users which, in case of Kolla, are OpenStack administrators/operators. In case of doubt, the core team will let you know what is required.

To add a release note, run the following command:

tox -e venv -- reno new <summary-line-with-dashes>

All release notes can be inspected by browsing releasenotes/notes directory.

To generate release notes in HTML format in releasenotes/build, run:

tox -e releasenotes

Note this requires the release note to be tracked by git so you have to at least add it to the git’s staging area.