OpenStack Installation Guide for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise

openSUSE 和 SUSE Linux Enterprise 上的 OpenStack 安装指南


OpenStack系统由一些你分开安装的关键项目组成。这些项目会根据你的云环境要求相互协作。这些项目包括Compute,Identity Service, Networking, Image Service,Block Storage,Object Storage,Telemetry,Orchestration和Database。你可以分开安装这些项目中的任何一个并可以配置他们为独立的或者组合的。

本指南会告诉你如何使用openSUSE 13.2 和SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 的Open Build Service Cloud仓库安装OpenStack。



This guide documents OpenStack Liberty release and is frozen since OpenStack Liberty has reached its official end-of-life and will not get any updates by the OpenStack project anymore. Check the OpenStack Documentation page for newer documents.



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