Murano Gerrit Dashboard


If you would like to contribute to murano by reviewing patches to murano-related projects — you can use this gerrit dashboard, or create your own using Gerrit Dash Creator


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title = Murano
description = Murano Review Inbox
foreach = (project:^.*/.*murano.* OR project:openstack/yaql) NOT label:Workflow<=-1 NOT label:Code-Review<=-2 status:open

[section "My Patches"]
query = owner:self

[section "You are a reviewer, but haven't voted in the current revision"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review<=2,self reviewer:self NOT owner:self

[section "Need Feedback"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review<=2 NOT label:Verified<=-1 NOT owner:self

[section "Passed Jenkins, No Negative Feedback"]
query = label:Code-Review>=1 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1 AND NOT label:Verified<=-1 NOT owner:self NOT reviewer:self limit:50

[section "Maybe Review?"]
query = NOT owner:self NOT reviewer:self limit:25

[section "My +1s"]
query = label:Code-Review=1,self limit:25

[section "Need final +2"]
query = label:Code-Review>=2 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1 NOT label:Verified<=-1 NOT label:Code-Review<=2,self NOT owner:self limit:25

[section "My +2s"]
query = label:Code-Review=2,self limit:25