Most OpenStack services use an SQL database to store information. The database typically runs on the controller node. The procedures in this guide use MariaDB or MySQL depending on the distribution. OpenStack services also support other SQL databases including PostgreSQL.


  1. 安装软件包:

    # yum install mariadb mariadb-server python2-PyMySQL
  1. 创建并编辑 /etc/my.cnf.d/openstack.cnf,然后完成如下动作:

    • 在[mysqld]中,设置“bind-address”值为控制节点的管理网络IP地址以是的其他节点可以通过管理网络访问访问数据库。设置其他关键字来设置一些有用的选项和UTF-8编码:

      bind-address =
      default-storage-engine = innodb
      innodb_file_per_table = on
      max_connections = 4096
      collation-server = utf8_general_ci
      character-set-server = utf8


  1. 启动数据库服务,并将其配置为开机自启:

    # systemctl enable mariadb.service
    # systemctl start mariadb.service
  1. Secure the database service by running the mysql_secure_installation script. In particular, choose a suitable password for the database root account:

    # mysql_secure_installation
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