This page describes how to install os_tempest role.

To clone or view the source code of os_tempest, visit the role repository for os_tempest.

Install dependencies via ansible-galaxy:

$ mkdir ~/.ansible/roles -p
$ git clone ~/.ansible/roles/os_tempest
$ ansible-galaxy install -r ~/.ansible/roles/os_tempest/requirements.yml --roles-path=~/.ansible/roles/

Then you need to export a couple of variables, ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH which points to the directory where os_tempest was cloned and ANSIBLE_ACTION_PLUGINS which points to the location of config_template plugin. In this case it’s:

$ export ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH=$HOME/.ansible/roles
$ export ANSIBLE_ACTION_PLUGINS=~/.ansible/roles/config_template/action

Then create a playbook.yaml, you can find an example one here. Then don’t forget to set the name of the cloud you’re going to run the role against, see this page.

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