Execute by ansible-playbook

First you need to install os_tempest role. For more information about the installation process refer to the Installation page.

After the role is installed enter the openstack-ansible-os_tempest directory.

First thing which needs to be done in order to execute os_tempest role is setting a cloud name. For information on how to do that, please, have a look at Set the name of the cloud page.

An example playbook.yml can be seen below in Example playbook section.

After the required variables in the playbook.yml file are set you can execute the role as follows:

$ ansible-playbook playbook.yaml

Example playbook

- name: Deploy Tempest
  hosts: localhost
  become: true
    tempest_cloud_name: mycloud
    tempest_run: true
    - os_tempest


This role requires the following packages to be installed on the target host:

  • pip >= 7.1

  • python-virtualenv