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Integrate radosgw into your Telemetry

The telemetry (and in consequence accounting) for radosgw as object-storage will not work out of the box. You need to change different parts of your OpenStack and Ceph setup to get it up and running.

Ceilometer Changes

Ceilometer needs additional pip packages to talk to Ceph Rados Gateway. To install it, edit the default ceilometer_pip_packages in your user_variables.yml file:

    - ceilometer
    - ceilometermiddleware
    - cryptography
    - gnocchiclient
    - libvirt-python
    - PyMySQL
    - pymongo
    - python-memcached
    - tooz
    - warlock
    - requests-aws>=0.1.4 #https://github.com/openstack/ceilometer/blob/stable/pike/test-requirements.txt

You also have to configure Ceilometer to actually query radosgw. When your ceilometer isn’t configured to poll everything, add these pollsters to your polling.yml file:

- name: radosgw_pollsters
  interval: 1200
    -  radosgw.containers.objects
    -  radosgw.containers.objects.size
    -  radosgw.objects
    -  radosgw.objects.size
    -  radosgw.objects.containers
    -  radosgw.usage

Add them also to your pipeline:

- name: radosgw_source
  interval: 60
    - "rgw.objects"
    - "rgw.objects.size"
    - "rgw.objects.containers"
    - "rgw.api.request"
    - "rgw.containers.objects"
    - "rgw.containers.objects.size"
    - meter_sink

Declare Ceph Rados Gateway as object-store in your ceilometer.conf file by adding this to your user_variables.yml file:

    radosgw: object-store
    access_key: XXX
    secret_key: XXX

The required user and credentials is created by this command:

radosgw-admin user create --uid admin --display-name "admin user" --caps "usage=read,write;metadata=read,write;users=read,write;buckets=read,write"

To get your credentials, execute:

radosgw-admin user info --uid admin | jq '.keys'

Ceph Changes

The required changes are described in the documentation of Ceilometer. This is just a sum up. In your ceph.conf add:

rgw enable usage log = true
rgw usage log tick interval = 30
rgw usage log flush threshold = 1024
rgw usage max shards = 32
rgw usage max user shards = 1