Building a Single Image

The openstack overcloud image build --all command builds all the images needed for an overcloud deploy. However, you may need to rebuild a single one of them. Use the following commands if you want to do it:

openstack overcloud image build --type {agent-ramdisk|deploy-ramdisk|fedora-user|overcloud-full}

If the target image exist, this commands ends silently. Make sure to delete a previous version of the image to run the command as you expect.

Uploading the New Single Image

After the new image is built, it can be uploaded using the same command as before, with the --update-existing flag added:

openstack overcloud image upload --update-existing

Note that if the new image is a ramdisk, the Ironic nodes need to be re-configured to use it. This can be done by re-running:

openstack overcloud node configure --all-manageable


If you want to use custom images for boot configuration, specify their names in --deploy-kernel and --deploy-ramdisk options.

Now the new image should be fully ready for use by new deployments.