Newton Series (2.0.0 - 2.1.x) Release Notes


New Features

  • Allows install of ironic-inspector and python-ironic-inspector-client from git sources and to specify source branch via env variables.


New Features

  • Allows to create VMs with custom names instead of using testvm or NODE_BASE and sequential prefixes. This can be achieved by passing the TEST_VM_NODE_NAMES env var.

  • The ironic install role has been split into 3 phases. install phase installs all ironic packages and dependencies. bootstrap phase generates configs and initializes the ironic db. start phase starts all ironic services and dependencies. Each phase is run by default and can be skipped by defining skip_package_install, skip_bootstrap and skip_start respectively.

  • Add support for kvm acceleration for the VMs created by bifrost-create-vm-nodes. The default domain type for the created VMs is qemu which uses tcg acceleration. In order to use kvm acceleration, users need to set VM_DOMAIN_TYPE to kvm.

  • A new playbook was added to redeploy nodes. The playbook transitions each node’s provision state to ‘available’, waiting for the nodes to reach that state. Next, the playbook deploys the nodes, waiting for the nodes to reach provision state ‘active’. The playbook is redeploy-dynamic.yaml in the playbooks directory.

Upgrade Notes

  • A new test playbook, test-bifrost.yaml, has been added. This playbook merges the functionality of the existing test-bifrost-dynamic.yaml and test-bifrost-dhcp.yaml playbooks.

  • Bifrost has changed to using TinyIPA as the default IPA image for testing. TinyIPA has a smaller footprint for downloads and memory utilization. Users can continue to utilize CoreOS or diskimage-builder based IPA images, however this was done to improve testing performance and reliability. If the pre-existing IPA image is removed, bifrost will automatically re-download the file upon being updated in an installation process. Otherwise, the pre-existing IPA image will be utilized.

Deprecation Notes

  • test-bifrost-dynamic.yaml and test-bifrost-dhcp.yaml have been superseded by test-bifrost.yaml and will be removed in the Ocata release.

Other Notes

  • A new install_dib varible has been introduced to the ironic install role to control installation of disk image builder and dib-utils. To maintain the previous behavior install_dib will default to the value of create_image_via_dib.