Wallaby Series (10.0.0 - 10.2.x) Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Support for Fedora is no longer tested in the CI and will be removed from the code in the near future.


Upgrade Notes

  • Moves installation of package dependencies for Diskimage Builder (DIB) from the bifrost-create-dib-image role to the bifrost-install-ironic role. This provides a cleaner separation between installation and image creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Password files (htpasswd) are no longer world-readable.

  • Works around the libvirt module is not importable error by installing libvirt-python from source install of a wheel.

  • Fixes a failure when building an Ubuntu image due to a missing squashfs-tools package.

  • Fixes the iptables rule for PXE on systems not using firewalld (use port UDP/67 and UDP/69 instead of TCP/68 and TCP/69).


New Features

  • Adds the --disable-dhcp argument to ./bifrost-cli install to disable the integrated dhcp configuration.

  • The dynamic DHCP inventory hostsdir is now created and enabled by default, even when inventory_dhcp is false.

Upgrade Notes

  • An additional DNS hosts directory is no longer created by default in /etc/dnsmasq.d/bifrost.hosts.d when inventory_dhcp is true. Set the new variable dnsmasq_additional_hostsdir to keep the previous behavior (you’ll need dnsmasq_enable_dns=true to actually use it).

Deprecation Notes

  • The parameter disable_dnsmasq_dns has been deprecated in favor of the new parameter dnsmasq_enable_dns.

Other Notes

  • No longer passes --no-cache-dir to pip by default.