Yoga Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Support for Fedora is no longer tested in the CI and will be removed from the code in the near future.


Bug Fixes

  • Bifrost no longers installs GRUB2 and shim on the host system, avoding potential issues with a local bootloader.


New Features

  • Adds a new CLI command ./bifrost-cli deploy that runs the deploy playbook, optionally specifying a custom image.

  • Adds a new way to specify a custom image for the bifrost-deploy-nodes-dynamic role by setting the new parameters deploy_image_source and deploy_image_checksum.

  • Allows customizing the configdrive URL or JSON for the bifrost-deploy-nodes-dynamic role by setting the new parameter deploy_config_drive.

Upgrade Notes

  • The parameters network_mtu, ipv4_nameserver and ipv4_gateway no longer have default values. If needed, specify them explicitly.

  • When TLS is enabled, Ironic and Inspector now serve their API via unix sockets in the /run/ironic directory instead of private TCP ports on localhost. The public API is served by Nginx.

Deprecation Notes

  • The deploy_image parameter of the bifrost-deploy-nodes-dynamic role is deprecated in favour of deploy_image_path.

Bug Fixes

  • When several SSH public keys are available, prefers modern algorithms rather than RSA. This fixes logging in Cirros on CentOS 9.

  • Fixes the Bifrost inventory plugin to not set the network_interface variable since it conflicts with the Bifrost’s variable with a different meaning.

  • Fixes bifrost-configdrives-dynamic and bifrost-deploy-nodes-dynamic when uuid is not set in the inventory file.