Liberty Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • The fix for minidns’s issues TCP can cause minidns to fail to send some messages. This manifests itself with eventlet not being able to send all the data before socket is closed.

Critical Issues

  • Previous versions of eventlet changed the behaviour of socket.send() to match socket.sendall(). in eventlet 0.18.0 this changed and it reverted to the traditional behaviour. MiniDNS has been updated to allow minidns to push large zone transfers over long range network connections



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New Features

  • Horizon Plugin moved out of tree

  • Purging deleted domains

  • Ceilometer “exists” periodic event per domain

  • ASync Import

  • ASync Export

  • Active / passive failover for designate-pool-manager periodic tasks

  • OpenStack client integration

  • Added InfoBlox Backend

  • Added Designate Backend

Upgrade Notes

  • New service designate-zone-manager

  • designate-zone-manager : It is recommended to use a supported tooz backend.

  • designate-zone-manager : ZooKeeper is recommended, or anything supported by tooz.

  • designate-zone-manager : If a tooz backend is not used, all zone-managers will assume ownership of all zones, and there will be ‘n’ ‘exists’ messages per hour, where ‘n’ is the number of zone-manager processes.

  • designate-pool-manager : The service can do active/passive failover for periodic tasks.

  • designate-pool-manager : It is recommended to use a supported tooz backend.

  • designate-pool-manager : If a tooz backend is not used, all pool-managers will assume ownership of the pool, and multiple periodic tasks will run. This can result in unforeseen consequences.

Other Notes

  • deprecations : V1 API : An initial notice of intent, as there are operations that still require the Designate CLI interface which talks to V1, and Horizon panels that only talk to V1.

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.