Rocky Series Release Notes

Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Designate-Sink service now supports notification listener pooling for those oslo.messaging drivers that support this feature (currently those are rabbit/kombu and kafka). Listener pools is an alternative to specifying several topics for notification consumers in configuration of service that emits notifications.

    To enable listener pooling, set the option [service:sink]listener_pool_name to some string value, that must be the same for all designate-sink service instances. Default value of this option (None) disables notification listener pooling.

Upgrade Notes

  • If there are duplicate service entries in the service_statuses table and the db sync command fails, you may need to truncate the service_statuses table.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug 1768824 which could cause the service_statuses table to be flooded with duplicate service entries.

    We fixed this by introducing a new unique constraint to the service_statuses table.

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